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More about Jannie Theron

Meet Jannie Theron, a well known Christian gospel singer, living and working in South Africa. With beautiful sacred songs, golden oldies and popular songs, he spreads the Bible message to many audiences.

Jannie sings famous songs like "Houtkruis", "My Pa is die Koning", Why me Lord?, Because He lives, Achy breaky heart, One day at a time,  It is no secret and much more.

Jannie Theron is a born again Christian and loves the Lord. His aim is to make a difference in people's lives and to give God all the glory, because of the fact that He gave His Son for us.

Jannie was a lead singer in church for many years. He is much appreciated by people. He grew up in church, thanks to his parents and realized at an early stage that there is no greater love than God's love, and there is no one caring as much as God does for His children.

Jannie is a regular performer and singing is his passion, which can be heard when he sings.

There are these CDs by Jannie Theron currently available:

Prices: CDs @ R120 each and cassettes @ R60 each postage included (only for areas in South Africa).

Jannie is available for invitations for performances after hours (week days) and as well as on weekends. Visit Events for more details on how to invite Jannie to one of your special events.  Phone or send a request if you have questions about the CDs.

More about Jannie Theron, Gospel Singer





More about Jannie

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